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Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V126
Product SpecificationsCutter Type:Reciprocating Blade Material:Stainless SteelBody Material:Metal + ABSCleaning Method:Head WashLED Display:NoVoltage:100-240v~50/60HzPower:5wCharging Method:Charger/Adapter ..
Ex Tax:9.59€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V580
Product SpecificationsLED Display:YesVoltage:100-240v~50/60HzPower:33-38wPlate Type:Tourmaline CeramicPlate Size:9*2.5cmHeat Settings:5Temperature Range:266°F-410°F/130°C-210°CWet Hair Suitable:NoHeat-up Time:60sPower Cord Length:5.9ft/1.8m ..
Ex Tax:11.04€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V023
Product SpecificationsCutter Type: Reciprocating Blade Material: Stainless Steel Body Material: Metal + ABS Cleaning Method: Non Washable LED Display:NoVoltage: 100-240v~50/60Hz Power:7wCharging Method: Charger/Adapter Weight / Size: &..
Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V052
Product SpecificationsCutter Type:ReciprocatingBlade Material: Stainless Steel Body Material: Metal + ABS Cleaning Method: Body Wash LED Display:NoUsing Time: 90 mins Voltage: 100-240v~50/60Hz Power:5wCharging Method: USB Connector Charging..
Ex Tax:10.48€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V168
Product SpecificationsCutter Type:ReciprocatingBlade Material:Stainless SteelBody Material:ABSCleaning Method:Head WashUsing Time:100 mins Voltage:100-240v~50/60Hz Power:5wCharging Method:USB Connector Charging Time:1.5 hours ..
Ex Tax:24.19€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V306
Product SpecificationsNumber of Cutters:3Cutter Type:RotaryCharging Time:1.5 hoursUsing Time:90 minsPower / Voltage:5w / 100-240v~50/60HzCharging Method:USB Connector Cleaning Method:Body Wash Body Material: Metal + ABS Blade Material:Stainless SteelIPX Level:IPX 7 ..
Ex Tax:15.23€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V393
Product SpecificationsNumber of Cutters:1Blade Material:Stainless SteelBody Material:Metal + ABSCleaning Method:Body WashIPX Level:IPX 5LED Display:NoUsing Time:90 minsVoltage100-240v~50/60HzPower:5wCharging Method / Charging Time:USB Connector /  1.5 hours..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Brand: VGR Model: V-402
VGR V-402 Professional 2200W Premium Hair Dryer (Matt Grey/Pink) Professional High Power Styling Tools Blow Dryer Hot and Cold Hairdryer 220-240V Anti-overheat ..
Ex Tax:31.04€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V506
Product SpecificationsLED Display:YesVoltage:100-240v~50/60Hz Power:50-55w Plate Type:PTC Heater Plate Size:9.5*4.5cm Heat Settings:5Temperature Range:266°F-410°F/130°C-210°C Wet Hair Suitable:YesHeat-up Time:30sPower Cord Length:6.6ft/2.0m ..
Ex Tax:16.12€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V178
Product SpecificationsCutter Type:ReciprocatingBlade Material:Stainless SteelBody Material:Metal + ABSCleaning Method:Head WashLED Display:YesUsing Time:120 minsVoltage:100-240v~50/60HzPower:5wCharging Method:USB Connector & Charger/AdapterCharging Time:2.5 hours ..
Ex Tax:17.74€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V557
Product SpecificationsLED Display:YesVoltage:100-240v~50/60Hz Plate Type:Tourmaline Ceramic Plate Size:11*4.5cm Heat Settings:14Temperature Range:212°F-446°F/100°C-230°C Wet Hair Suitable:YesHeat-up Time:30sPower Cord Length:6.6ft/2.0mPower:70w..
Ex Tax:17.74€
Brand: VGR Model: VGR-V191
Product Specifications:Cutter Type:ReciprocatingBlade Material:Stainless Steel Body Material:Metal + ABS Cleaning Method:Head Wash LED Display:NoUsing Time:100 minsVoltage:100-240v~50/60HzPower:5w Charging Method:USB ConnectorCharging Time:2 hours..
Ex Tax:12.10€
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